Cleanweb Hackathon Comes to Boulder on May 18-20th

Everyone seems to have picked up the vernacular on smart grid, green IT, and technology-enabled services when it relates to cleantech.  But has everyone picked up the Cleanweb meme?  This theme, popularized by Sunil Paul at Spring Ventures and others, asserts that one of the most effective tools to drive resource (consumption) efficiency and awareness is through Web 2.0 business models and social networking.  Popular ideas have already begun to take hold as the cleanweb theme emerges.  For example, AirBnB allows many to use extra space in their homes and apartments as hotel space for guests allowing better use of existing space and thereby not requiring the build-out of additional hotel space.  Car-sharing programs allow for multiple people to their automobiles.  These solutions when scaled through the internet can have a tremendous impact in resource efficiency in their given market segments.

So if its easy to identify these business opportunities that require little knowledge of the energy industry to have cleantech impact, then what happens when you put bunch of developers together over a weekend to brainstorm, use newly accessible datasets and tools, and develop whole new apps?  Voila, the Cleanweb Hackathon.  The first of these events took place last September in San Francisco, followed by larger and increasingly-well publicized and attended events in NYC and Boston.  The next one is happening in Boulder, Colorado, on May 18-20, one block off the renowned Pearl Street at Trada’s offices at 1023 Walnut St.

If you are a developer, cleantech enthusiast, community builder (nudging all you Boulder Municipalization folks), or investor, please stop by over the weekend to check it out.  The kick-off occurs on Friday May 18th at 6 PM and the awards are being presented at 3 PM on Sunday May 20th.

Sign up at  Hope to see you there.