Chasing Ice on Earth Day

On Earth Day, I had the privilege of attending a private viewing of the upcoming documentary film “Chasing Ice“, a visual story of how quickly our planet’s ice cover is melting away.  James Balog, photographer and founder of the Extreme Ice Survey, has been placing time-lapse cameras at dozens of glaciers throughout the world and is using this film to provide a firsthand look at how rapidly we are changing the world around us.  Produced by Paul DuPre Pesmen, producer of “The Cove” and numerous Harry Potter films, introduced the film with Balog.  The film itself cast a stark, beautiful, and dim view of the most immediate impacts of climate change in visual terms we cannot refute.  Expect to see this film in theaters in the fall (it has already been screened at SXSW, Sundance, and Boulder Film Festival).  One can only hope that more movies emerge combining the visual reality, art, and science of climate change become increasingly evident to everyone… and that everyone can begin to grasp what we are doing to our planet.